Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hatin On...WHAT???...Pejazzle???

I'm sure by now ya'll are wonderin what the funk is Pejazzle?!?!? Well if you recall a few posts ago, your girl wrote bout a lil thing called vajazzlin...ring a bell? If not here is your quick's a vajayjay that has been bedazzled.

*side note* what is up with me usin "..." every few words...odd...

Anywayz, Pejazzle is when a dude bedazzles his penis. You can even buy "do-it-yourself" kits online. Now if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend that is as talented as your girl Harl, I am sure your weazle would be the prettiest on the block. Question for any Pejazzle gurus out you decorate it hard or soft. If hard, then when you go soft do the jewels fall off? Is the glue painful to men, cause if so I'd like to use a tube on my ex!

:Sigh: what is this world comin to that I enjoy writin about pejazzling and vajazzling...or better yet, who the hell invents this stuff. I guess instead of McD's or dreams of Starbucks, I should look forward to openin my own "Jazzlin" Boutique!

Lesson Of The Day: Men everywhere, please head to a boutique and Pejazzle your genitalia, penis, schlong, gristle missile, johnson, hot dog, piss pump, trouser trout, john thomas, pork sword, willy, wee wee...whatever you call it, I want to see it sparkle!

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