Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hatin On Teens...

Yet another reason I don't have kids....they turn into teens...teens that murder you with a damn hammer. Ya'll this teen (Tyler Hadley) who will now be charged as an adult, killed his parents and then left their bodies locked in the master bedroom. He then decided to throw a damn house party and invited 40-60 guests. One of those guests gave an annonymous tip about the parents still being in the house. Hence the reason the cops showed up at the front door where the lil pussy was all nervous and panicky. When the parents were found they were in the master bedroom, partially covered with household items and a hammer between them...which is suspected to be the murder weapon.

Is the world f'ing with me??? Why in the hell did this lil punk find it necessary to kill his parents?? Damn dude, you should've just run away if they were that terrible, but murder??? Son you are lucky Harlem isn't yo momma, cause I woulda bust your ass if you came at me with a hammer.

Lesson Of The Day: I don't know how many times I have to say it ya'll...DO NOT HAVE KIDS!

P.S. Today's post will not have a picture as I do NOT want this lil shits picture anywhere on my site...if you're curious, google him.

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