Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hey Tokyo....Are ya'll for realz????

This may be old news to some of you nerdz, but your girl doesn't get out much. There is a fad in Tokyo called the Bagel Head, I guess it's been around for a year or so. Anyways, please try not to projectile vomit on your neighbor....

A Bagel Head is someone who injects their forehead with saline while they depress the center of their forehead. The saline slowly drips in for two hours and will form the shape of a bagel. Your head bagels can even be shaded blue or green with food coloring and molded into any shape. This fine young man in the photo above wanted a perfect replica of his ass on his forehead. These saline injections aren't permanent and only last for 24 hours. So far everyone who has created this look has had no adverse affects and their skin has returned back to normal the next day...if you ask me I think stretching out your forehead would eventually cause premature wrinkles....yuk!

Question for the crazies out there....Will Lady CaCa try to take the credit for this fad, I mean she did start the whole bone prosthetic movement...fortunately Gaga, no one was Born This Way!

Lesson Of The Day: Foreign objects should NOT be injected into the body.

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