Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hatin On The VMA's...

*sigh* another month has passed that your girl didn't blog once! A lot has been goin on in the world of hate....I started a healthy eatin lifestyle and workout regime. Honestly, it's been kicken my arse and I haven't been able to think about anything else but FOOD...hence no bloggin. Anyways, I am now 32 pounds and 28 inches please all of you single, taken, and bi-sexual men out there, holla at-a girl. You can find me at the Mc D's drive thru window, I'll be the one that is freely passin out her number to all men in my surroundin area.

Today I am hatin on the VMA's. I did not watch them this year since the show it sooo bogus and just an excuse for celebs to try and be as outrageous as possible. I did however watch some of the clips online. For all of you Ca Ca fans out there, I don't get it...what is your obsession with this creature? All he/she is, is a damn spectacle. Completely gettin all dragged out, for what??? To show off her acting skills...major fail! Her huge dialogue before her performance put me to sleep. If you're gonna pretend to be a dude, at least change your damn singin voice. Not to mention when she was givin the award to B. Spears, she took all of home girls speech time just to try and Spears to make out with her. Sorry honey, but B. Spears has a little more class then that. Plus who knows where Ca Ca's mouth has been, she's a dirty sloot. Bruno Mars rocked it, but unfortunately I don't like cocaine addicts. Jay Z and Kanye were horrible. Numerous times they were rappin over one another, what a damn disaster. They they were flashin the damn Illuminati symbol...the funny thing is, idiots in the crowd were flashin the illuminati symbol to. Ya'll, look it up...that triangle symbol ya'll are flashin is not somethin Jay Z made up, it's the "all seeing eye". F'ing tards. Beyonce...also an illuminati...not only sucked at performin, but her song sucked to. Way to make another spectacle by showin off your damn baby bump. Home girl, I've seen your body and you are gonna be fat as a mo fo after you have that kid. Don't expect to bounce back after birth without some damn lipo.

Lesson Of The Day: This is for you Justin Bieber...leave your snake at home until it gets bigger cause you looked like a friggin panzy with that lil worm on your hand.