Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hatin On Insane-ions...

Once again it's been ages since I've been on this damn blog, but ya'll are prob used to it by now. I am totes a flake and I've decided to embrace it. Anyways, I've created a new word..."Insane-ion". It's an insane person, possibly psychotic, with a dash of perv, mixed with a crazy fetish or two.

I was checkin out my analytics page to see if peeps still visit me eventhough I've been MIA. I'm still gettin a pretty dope crowd checkin me out, but I noticed I'm gettin a lot of attention from Insane-ions. I checked out the keywords people were usin to get to my page and a majority of them were from "vajazzle" and "pejazzle". There was one Insane-ion that found me with the keyword "HOW TO VOMIT ON A LADY". Are you f'ing me right now? Who the hell searches for that? Oh yea, an insane-ion would, or maybe a creeper. I have no idea how come my blog comes up when you search for vomitten on a lady, I don't recall ever writin about that shiz. Anyways, homie stayed on my blog for 30 mins. It said he/she visited 4 of my different posts...man what I would give to find out which ones!!! I must say though, I am quite flattered that someone would stay on my lil ole blog for that long, so thank you kind sir! If you want to expose yourself to me, you can anytime!

Lesson Of The Day: All visitors are good visitors...especially insane-ions with fetishes that visit for almost an hour!!