Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hatin On City Women...

I know it's been a hot minute since my last entry and ya'll been dyin fo mo updates, but your girls been busy. Busy hatin the city that is...

The worst part bout livin in a damn city is the women! I was at a produce stand last weekend and had a lil run in with this chick in a Mercedes. I had just paid for my damn tomatoes when this lady behind me saw a rooster at the produce stand. She started flippin shiz bout how cool this one lil rooster was. She went runnin to her Mercedes, SUV no doubt, and grabbed lil Billy out the damn car. She's draggin him over to this rooster sayin, "Billy that is a real rooster and we are on a real farm". Are you friggen kiddin me??? No shit sherlock that it's a real rooster, Billy has eyes! The thing that annoyed me most was when she said that the produce stand was a real farm. I don't know what farms she's seen (obvi none) but they had one rooster, ONE! Plus it legit is a long table with produce and covered with a canvas top! Where I'm from a farm is at least 25 acres and has more then one damn rooster! Did I mention this stand is next to the freakin freeway???? Yep thats right, the freeway on ramp is one block away!

Lesson Of The Day: To see a real farm, refer to the picture above!

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